Head chef dropped!

“no and go sound the same to me”

Lemon Zest head chef Adrian Greene has been dropped from 13,000 feet in aid of Keech hospice care. He completed his first ever parachute jump in aid of the charity which is close to his heart. His niece Megan suffers from Cerebral palsy and receives advice and support from the caring staff at Keech.

It was a blustery day on 21st September when Adrian arrived at the Hinton skydiving centre, accompanied by his two sisters Lucy and Tina, Megan’s mum. Sous chef Lee was on hand to offer his moral support along with co-ordinator Linda and kitchen assistant Donna.

After a safety de-brief in the hanger it was a short cumbersome stroll over to the airplane having donned the jump suit and harness which would be attached to the instructor once on board. The cloud cover was minimal so the maximum altitude of 13,000 feet could be achieved.

Then the moment of truth as our intrepid chef approached the door he quipped to his instructor if any people have ever refused to jump.  The instructor replied not whilst I have been jumping as “no and go sound the same to me” then he lunged forward into the open sky.

Accelerating to 120 mph and then freefalling for approximately forty five seconds until at 5,000 feet the square parachute was deployed much to Adrian’s delight. Now just a gentle decent of around five minutes before touchdown on terra firma once more.

Aside from the adrenalin fuelled smiles that adorned their faces for the rest of the day, Adrian and his sisters managed to raise in excess of £2000 for their chosen charity.

Well done from all us at Lemon Zest. If you would like to help support Keech Hospice care please see the link below.