Quirky yet innovative ‘pod station’

With the summer hopefully upon us we have taken delivery of our first batch of frozen yogurt at our café in Oxford. Nothing new there I hear you cry, but this frozen yogurt is by the emerging company Bee Me. They won 3 gold Stars at the great taste awards in 2014 and 2 gold stars in 2013. This gives then the highest recognition of any frozen yogurt brand. Initially targeting the London market in prestigious venues such as  Hampton Court, Chelsea flower show & Lords cricket ground, it’s now time for them to spread their wings and promote further afield. We are excited to be the only stockist of this product in central Oxford at present.

Each portion is individually packed and dispensed via the quirky yet innovative ‘pod station’. It ensures that the product is served perfect condition every time. There are four flavours to temp your palate, natural, mixed berry, chocolate and the seasonal special mango and passion fruit.  Care for a topping?  As you would expect these are as cleverly conceived as the machine and presented in mini test tubes to add to their appeal.

Ok so we are all heady with excitement about our new ‘pod station’ but as well as the theatre behind the service, frozen yogurt makes dietary sense as a treat rather than ice cream as well.


Frozen Yogurt is derived from healthy milk  –  Ice cream is derived from fatty cream

Frozen yogurt uses natural flavourings  –  Ice cream tends to contain lots of sugar to flavour

Frozen yogurt has typically 0% fat  –  Ice cream by definition must contain at least 10% fat.

Plus frozen yogurt has a higher melting point perfect for the warm summer days


So, if you like to brag about being in the know.

Come and give our fro yo ‘pod station’ a go.