We are pleased to announce that we have gained Sugar Smart accreditation at the Town Hall Café.

Oxford City Council and Good Food Oxford are promoting the campaign which is headed by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. The idea is to help us all reduce the amount of sugar we consume to lead healthier lifestyles and reduce the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes and premature tooth decay.

To help with the initiative we have reduced the number of high sugar drinks and replaced them with low sugar alternatives. We introduced a traffic light information system, so our customers can instantly see the amount of sugar contained in their favourite tipple.

Green – 0 to 5g per 100ml

Amber – 5 to 10g per 100ml

Red – above 10g per 100ml

There is also now a station providing free drinking water to promote the best way to hydrate, which is good old H2O. All this is underpinned with informative posters displaying sugar facts like the ones below.


What happens if we eat the right amount of sugar?

When sugar enters the body, it makes its way into the bloodstream, providing us with energy. In response the pancreas releases a substance called insulin into the bloodstream, which ensures that sugar is released in the right amounts, keeping us balanced yet full of energy. Eaten in the right amounts, sugar is not harmful.

What happens if we eat too much sugar?

The body goes into overdrive with sugar flooding the bloodstream, which is why we might feel a burst of energy just after eating sugar. In response the pancreas over-produces insulin, which is why sometimes after a burst of energy we might get what’s sometimes called a ‘sugar crash’ – an unpleasant feeling of tiredness and irritation. This, in turn, means that we crave more sugar!

How much is too much sugar?

The recommended maximum daily allowances for children and adults are:

  • 4-6 year olds: 5 sugar cubes or 19g of sugar
  • 7-10 year olds: 6 sugar cubes or 24g of sugar
  • 11+ year olds and adults: 7 sugar cubes or 30g of sugar

To burn of the energy in one soft drink you would need to walk around Wembley Stadium 6 times (Based on a 14-year-old girl)


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