Five Festive Foodie Trends

'footlong’ pigs in blankets

Supersized food

This year we’ve seen a rise in supermarkets competing to have the biggest and the best. Most notably is our old favourite – the Pig in Blanket. What’s not to love about a sausage wrapped in bacon? Well it seems this year, everyone agrees. From ‘footlong’ pigs in blankets, the triple pig in blanket and even the 1.5kg pig in blanket there’s no getting away from this staple in your Christmas dinner. I think we should try all the offerings to see which one is better, don’t you?


Miniature Food

The complete opposite to the above, but perfect for a party – we all love a canape and we all love those home comfort meals. Why not combine them to create miniatures? Mini Toad in The Hole, Mini Yorkshire Puddings with Beef, and Mini Beef Wellingtons are some of our most popular canapes, these are great for the party season and guests are usually very pleasantly surprised!



2018 has seen a huge rise in Veganism, and this hasn’t gone unnoticed in the catering world. There are so many delicious plant-based alternatives to your favourite dishes out there. If you want an alternative to the traditional Turkey Dinner, why not roast and shred some Jackfruit? This has the appearance of pulled pork and is totally meat free! Alternatively, a Beetroot Wellington is super tasty and looks gorgeous. For dessert, our chefs recently created a super tasty, totally vegan Eton Mess. Created with whipped coconut milk and aquafaba meringues and topped with your favourite berries – YUM!


A Twist on A Favourite

Nothing cries Christmas more than a Mince Pie, and this year you can take your pick from a variety of twists on this classic. Salted Caramel, Chocolate, Black Forest, Plum & Cinnamon… The list is never ending! If you’re baking your own, why not mix it up and add some extra flavour to your mincemeat?!


Bubble and Squeak

We’re all more environmentally conscious than ever before, and we hate waste, so we’re taking tips from previous generations and ensuring that our food waste is kept to a minimum. Bubble and Squeak is a classic dish created from leftover potatoes and vegetables from your roast dinner. Why not use up all your leftovers on Boxing Day to create a delicious dish? Covered in gravy and served with the remainders of your Christmas meat, or you can even stick it in a sandwich! What’s not to love?