Chillax it's summer have another beer to pass the time!


With the BBQ (or Braai as our South African Director would say) season well under way we thought we would share a few of our chefs secrets for the perfect outdoor cooking.


1)      Take the meat out of the fridge at least an hour prior to cooking and allow it to get to room temperature.

2)      Try placing the coals (let’s be honest gas is cheating) to one side of the BBQ, this way you can control the amount of heat applied by moving what’s cooking away if necessary. It’s like having a two zone cooking area. If you spread them evenly across the bottom as most people do this cannot be achieved.

3)      Be patient, wait until the coals are white before you start, chillax it’s summer have another beer to pass the time.

4)      Get organised, with the English weather this is always a gamble but try marinating your joint for a couple of days before hand. Yoghurt is a great way of doing this as the live cultures break down the proteins in the meat.  This will also inspire you to try something other than burgers and sausages.

5)      Invest in a temperature probe. They are not expensive and it takes the guesswork out of whether your fillet still has a pulse or is cremated. If this option looks a bit uncool around your rugby mates then pop on a sacrificial sausage, you can break it in half to see how the cooking is going.

6)      Finally let the meat rest before serving, if you follow tip 2 you can move it away from the coals and still keep it warm


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Happy Cooking