Is your wedding breakfast ‘Insta-Ready’?

Our phones are with us 24/7 and with the rise of visual social media, most notably the giant that is Instagram, (other social media platforms are available) we a photographing more and more of where we go, what we wear and of course what we eat and drink.

The way food is presented and how it appeals visually has always been important to the overall enjoyment but is it now even more important as it increasingly becomes how we share our experiences with our online circles?

How do we ensure our food is going to look every bit as good as it sounds and tastes.

  • Ensure your caterer is using the freshest produce and choose a seasonal menu, the colours will be most vibrant.
  • Choose dishes with a complimentary palette of colours: Definitely back in vogue the simple prawn cocktail is a delicious starter option and with its delicate pink and green colours, very beautiful.
  • Canapé platters: Try serving canapés or something more interesting than a white platter. Wooden boards have been popular with more rustic venues for some time but what about an antique mirror for a more glamorous look. Very Fairytale!
  • Garnish: Talk to your caterer about the garnish they use, different leaves, edible flowers, pea shoots they all add colour and texture.
  • Crockery: We serve all our food on quality white plates but if you are looking for something a little bit different for that wow factor we work with several fantastic hire companies where we can source something more unique.
  • HAVE A TASTING: This is an opportunity not only to taste your food but to view it, take pictures and add filters

As with all social media, it’s important to take control, if you would prefer your guests not to post pictures of your special day until after you have shared some carefully chosen shots tell them. Also you may wish to collate all the photos shared by your guests so ask them to include a specific hashtag.

…And most importantly don’t take so long taking pictures you let the food go cold!