Roses are Red

It has to be boozy hot chocolate to finish!


We appreciate that not everybody can be with their loved one this valentines day. But, for those who are lucky enough to be ‘locked down’ together we asked our guys at Lemon Zest HQ to come up with their favourite foodie idea to celebrate. After all without the union of love and two people becoming one, we would all be out of a job!


Natasha – MD. Try placing pomegranate seeds in the bottom of your champagne flute before topping up with fizz (any will do it does not have to be champagne). As the bubbles cling to the side of the seeds they will be carried to the surface of the glass where they pop and fall slowly to the bottom to repeat the cycle once more. It’s mesmerising to watch and gives the drink a lovely pink hue.


Alastair – Ops Director. Asparagus wrapped in Parma ham. It’s a cinch to prepare, (because tonight is about the company not the time in the kitchen) evocative whilst eating as well as a renowned aphrodisiac. Perfect.


Graeme – Head chef. A popular dessert on our menu is the rosewater shortbread with Chantilly cream and strawberries. Simply make it more romantic by using a heart shaped cutter for the shortbread before cooking.


Charlotte – Coordinator. It has to be boozy hot chocolate to finish. Add a shot of amaretto liqueur to some good quality hot chocolate and pour over steamed milk. If you are really trying to impress serve with some marshmallows and a wooden skewer for dipping.


We hope you feel a little inspired because as Audrey Hepburn once said “The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.”